Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Google Mail Transition Proposal

I worked collaboratively with our technology department to prepare this presentation and proposal for our school community. In this Slidecast recording, Steve Taffee and I gave a presentation to our school community on the proposed idea of moving from our current collaboration system, FirstClass, to Google Apps/Mail for Education as our core collaborative environment.

This slidecast is posted in the spirit of openness and sharing. It is also posted for any of our faculty and staff who were unable to attend the meeting after school today. A link to our planning site that we created for this proposed transition is included below the slidecast. Your comments and feedback are welcome.

Google Mail Transition - visit this site to view the work that we've done to this point on this proposal.

Google Transition FAQ Doc

Google Transition Planning Doc
(positives, negatives, and interesting points)


  1. Peter Evans12:55 PM


    We are currently undergoing a pilot program with Google Mail at Francis W. Parker School in Chicago and this document you've created is fantastic.

    Would you mind if poach a few of the pieces for our documentation?

    Peter Evans

  2. @Peter...whatever you need is completely open for your use. Craft and rework it in any way that you see fit. If you'd like access to the original google doc with the table of contents hyperlinks, let me know and I'd be happy to add you as a collaborator so you can can save a copy of the document to re-work it yourself.


  3. Peter Evans8:40 AM

    Thanks again. The idea I really want to "borrow" is using the "Table of Contents" feature as an FAQ. So simple yet it works perfectly.