Friday, January 05, 2007

Digital Ethics-6th grade meeting #2

Dear 6th Grade Parents-

This morning the sixth graders met for the second time this year to discuss issues of digital citizenship and ethics. The focus of the activites and discussion centered around being "Smart" users of email. We played a short game where students had to match terms with email transcripts. In our conversation we defined and discussed flaming, spamming, inappropriate forwarding, hoaxes, and viruses. Near the end of our discussion we talked about what we can do to prevent experiencing problems due to things like spam, viruses, and hoaxes. We talked about the importance of enabling the computer's software firewall, not opening attachments with certain extensions (eg: .exe), not opening emails from people we don't know, and using virus protection.

The students did an excellent job of listening and participating in our session today. Ask them about some of the things we talked about in advising.

As a reminder, we follow the iSafe program when working with students on these topics in the Middle School here at USM. For more information on the iSafe program, visit:

Have a nice weekend!

Matt Montagne
Middle School Technology Coordinator
University School of Milwaukee

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