Thursday, December 20, 2007

EEE PC-Student Reviews

The Asus EEE PC is a low cost, micro laptop computer that is super small, super mobile and runs Linux as the OS. USM purchased one a few weeks ago for evaluating and testing out. We purchased the 4 GB, $399 model. We also purchased an XO unit for evaluation and we'll have students test driving this as soon as it comes in as well.

Over the past two weeks we've had several 8th grade students take the computer for a test drive. I basically handed off the unit to the students with zero instruction - it has been great to watch them play with it and figure it out on their own. Alex B used it for 5 days, taking it home every night and using it on his home WiFi network. He'll eventually be completing a video review of the device from a student's perspective (I'm really looking forward to his review as I value his opinion on these types of things). A couple of other students demoed the unit and will be doing some type of review as well.

Yesterday Colleen W. used the computer throughout the school day and she wrote a very nice review that can be read here. This is the first review from a student and I really enjoyed her perspective and thoughts on the device. I probably learned more from Colleen's review than any I've read on the internet to date! I'll keep publishing these reviews as we receive them.

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