Friday, October 17, 2008

Aaron Sams ILC Presentation - Vodcasting in Chemistry

Aaron Sams, a dynamic presenter and Chemistry teacher from Colorado, gave a wonderful overview of how he and his co-teacher leverage vodcasting as a technique to "time-shift" the classroom lecture experience for students. He has his students watch his lectures outside of class so that they are able to use class time for things like small group work, projects, lab time, etc.

Unfortunately, I started the recorder about 10 minutes into Aaron's presentation, but something is better than nothing.

Also, I found it interesting that Aaron will be facilitating a 3 day immersion experience for teachers in Colorado this summer. The session will lead teachers through the nuances of this technique and method. For more information, visit Aaron's Educational Vodcasting site and drop him an email stating your interest.

Direct Link to audio file

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