Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Senior Leadership Seminar

Below is the recording and slide deck from a presentation that my colleague, Mary Jean Conlon, and I facilitated as part of our "Senior/Class of 2009 Leadership Seminar" series here at Castilleja. During the presentation we showed the students "A Vision of Students Today," we had them setup and populate an RSS reader, gave the students a tour of Google Books/News, and spent a small amount of time talking about digital identity. I really enjoyed working with Mary Jean in preparing for this seminar and in the delivery...she is a real pro and I'll miss her next year as she moves on to the field of healthcare IT.

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  1. Mary Jean Conlon9:44 AM

    The pleasure was all mine, Matt. There is nothing that approaches the joy of sharing powerful ideas with students in a such a collaborative way. You enhanced and enriched all of my work this year,and the work of the library in general. Congratulations on a SMASHING first year at Castilleja.