Saturday, August 29, 2009

How can the Internet foster and build compasion, empathy, cultural awareness, and peace? can't. But people like you and I can. We can use this incredibly powerful platform to do these things. You don't believe me? You say that the internet and its sub-networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Myspace and the like are nothing more than a way to promote "Me" and "I?"

Well, then check out the work of MadV over on YouTube. This is simply one example of the countless ways that people like you and I are using the Internet to foster and build compassion and empathy (or in the opinion of the skeptic, this is cultivating nothing more than pure narcissism). MadV posted the 40 second video below titled, "One World." This video quickly became the most responded to video on YouTube. Eventually MadV took the various responses and remixed them to create the second video below (a special thanks to MadV for actually returning a message of mine on YouTube as I had difficulty finding the original One World piece).

MadV's original, "One World," Video:

MadV's Remix of the various responses to One World:

MadV also sparked another project titled, "The Humans Project" where he asked the simple question, "What does it mean to be human?" People submitted responses and then he compiled them all in final piece. See the two videos below:

The Humans Project:

Compilation of Responses to the Humans Project:

Empathy and compassion or narcissism?


  1. Great post Matt. So many people dismiss social networking tools like Twitter as frivolous. But like many things in life the tools are what we make of them.

    While my primary use of Twitter is to have a PLN around education and technology, I've recently joined some other people in supporting a local Twestival. Next week we will join others around the world to "Tweet. Meet. Give." and raise funds for our local food bank. (

    Building compassion one tweet at a time!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment Jeannine. Your tweetup/twestival is a wonderful example of how we can leverage new mediums to collaborate on common interests and causes. Great story of how we are building compassion and empathy "one tweet at a time!!"