Sunday, October 04, 2009

Castilleja "PeaceTube" Project

From October 15, 2009-November 15, 2009 our school community is going to be engaging in a little project where we find videos on the topic of "Peace" over at YouTube. The idea is to collect relevant videos and then vote on our favorite videos during the first full week in December. The videos receiving the top 5 most votes will be played during our school's "Global Week" in early January of 2010. Below is the teaser video for this project. If you'd like to contribute any videos having to do with the theme of peace, please submit the links via a comment at this blog post and we'll be sure to include them in the voting in December (we'll credit you as well during the process).

Peace is our theme of our Global Week celebration in early January...please think of 'peace' as an extremely broadly defined concept as you surf could relate to environmental sustainability, inner peace, spiritual peace, historical peace movements, community building projects, etc.

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