Monday, November 30, 2009

Download Scratch!!!!

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This is an email that I sent to a parent from my school here in the Bay Area. She is an educator at a nearby school and was looking for ideas on how to engage a particularly gifted 5th grade student. I immediately thought of Scratch and mentioned that I would follow up our hallway conversation with a few links and resources. So here is that email re-published in this space:


Scratch is a programming (eg-computer science) platform developed by the good folks at MIT. They make it FREELY available for anyone to download, install and use. The thing that makes Scratch powerful is the online community. Students may submit projects to the community for others to comment on and improve upon. Alternately, students may download existing projects and review the source code and remix the source code. It is social constructivist learning at its best!

Here is the information on Scratch:

-Website Address:
-Download from

A few samples from my students in the past (this was an ungraded class...the students loved this stuff and engaged just for the fun of it):
Music Animation: (I love this much effort went into it)
Mario Experiment: (he didn't get too far on this, but he put tons of work into it)
Plans and Tanks:
My Scratch Profile Site:

Guides on scratch: (scroll down and you'll see the guides...these might be useful print outs to get him started)

Support Materials, like videos, printable help cards, etc: (my strategy was to show the students videos and to set them off as soon as possible...they knew WAY more than I by the end of this class, which was fantastic).
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