Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Definition of ePortfolios via Charts

I think these two graphs that Helen Barrett reposted from New Zealand educator Nick Rate's blog do an outstanding job of explaining ePortfolios in a VERY simple manner. I created a longish, boring, 8 minute video on ePortfolios that wasn't nearly as effective as these two charts. Thanks to Helen for posting and props to Nick on his fine work.

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  1. Hi, Matt,

    As much as I may agree with the first graph, I would suggest that the second graph needs serious re-thinking. Surely in the early years, even Pre-school, the e-Portfolio is used primarily as a showcase?

    For Health Visitors, Social services etc the e-Portfolio is an excellent identifier of family context and 'milestones' even before the child is placed in school.

    Once the child is in school the e-Portfolio is very much a repository of 'best practice' whereby permitted adults are able to see what the child has done in class, or, for that matter where the teacher can see what the child has done at home or on vacation etc.

    Best Wishes,
    Ray T