Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Those of you who read this blog and know of some of the work I've done online are quite aware that I'm a self proclaimed "eco-geek." I ride my bike/walk to work as much as possible, we compost here at our house, and I do many other things to try to minimize my environmental footprint. But I wonder if motivating people in schools to go paperless for environmental and cost savings reasons is the right way to foster change. The more I think about this, it isn't. Going paperless (or near paperless) simply makes for good learning. Imagine asking students to publish their writing to a class blog for other class members to see and comment upon. How might this positively change the learning landscape compared to what we traditionally do when we ask students to print out their writing and turn it into the teacher for one set of eyes to interact with?

Not convinced that a paperless (or near paperless) classroom can work? Check out how educator Jason Neiffer of Helena Montana has created a paperless classroom that is empowering students and positively impacting learning in his school.

Now, hop on over to this form created by educator Steve Katz from Costa Rica and make the pledge to go paperless on Earth Day 2010!

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