Tuesday, January 22, 2008

6th Grade Students-Questions for Wesley Fryer

Dear 6th Grade Students:

Special note to 6th graders: Mr. Fryer has already started answering some of our questions. He wrote a blog post on Saturday called, "Digital Citizenship Q/A Video Responses," round 1. He posted two YouTube clips at his site for you to watch. After watching the YouTube vides, feel free to leave Mr. Fryer a kind comment at his blog. I know he would like to hear from you!

Please click the the Comment link below and write your two questions that you have for Mr. Fryer about digital citizenship, online safety, or any other related technology topics. Mr. Fryer is an expert in the area of technology and schools and is looking forward to answering your questions in a live video broadcast in early February. Please read questions that other students are asking prior to leaving your questions. Doing this will help you think of questions. When you post your questions you'll see the option to post using a Nickname. Please use Nickname as an option and write your Protecht username as your nickname.

We will take 5-10 of your questions and make 3-4 short videos to share with Mr. Fryer prior to our video broadcast in early February. Mr. Fryer will be watching your videos prior to the live broadcast. He will then answer the questions when we meet live with him, which we'll try to watch together in Mellowes Hall. Many of the other participating classes will be doing this very same activity. Check the Questions for Wes Fryer page on the Protecht wiki to see questions that other schools will be asking in their videos for Mr. Fryer.

Mr. Fryer has a really neat Blog called Moving at the Speed of Creativity. Surf around his blog to learn more about Mr. Fryer and what he does.

Below you'll find sample questions so you have an idea of what your post should look like:

Mr. Fryer-
I have two questions for you about this topic of online digital citizenship:

1. Is it OK for me to IM with another student that I met while participating in this project?
2. What are some of your favorite online communication tools that you are using right now?



  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Here are some questions i have for mr.fryer

    How did you get the idea to create this website?

    What inspired you to make the website?

  2. usm14jasonc2:39 PM

    Do you think that people that use this website use it correctly?

  3. I am REALLY looking forward to responding to your questions in this project! For more background information about positions I've taken, recommendations I'm making to parents and young people regarding Internet safety and the broader topic of digital citizenship, you can take a look at my current Internet Safety workshop curriculum for parents which I am actually scheduled to share this evening at an Oklahoma City church for concerned parents, and next week for a local school PTA meeting. Hopefully you'll find part of my message to be there are reasons to be concerned about Internet safety, but adults in our schools as well as homes need to do far more than merely block websites and restrict youth access to digital technologies if they are going to help them prepare to be effective communicators and leaders in the 21st century. I'm particularly interested in encouraging youth to take active, constructive, vocal roles in their local communities to highlight the need for digital citizenship, 21st century skills, and blended learning opportunities. I think youth voices and advocacy on these issues are KEY.

  4. usm14abigailw12:13 PM

    Why do people make viruses and spam to muck up computers?

  5. Anonymous11:12 AM

    How do you know if a person is safe enough to talk to online?

  6. How do you know if someone is safe enough to talk to online?

  7. Do you think that it is safe to IM people online that you do know?

    Do you use any devices like IM to talk with people?

  8. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Mr Fryer-

    I have two questions for you about online digital citizenship below.

    How can you tell if a website is safe or not?

    What is your favorite online communication website?

  9. Duncan3:15 PM

    Do you think that IMing is safe?

    What should i do if someone i don't know sends me an e-mail?

  10. george7:32 PM

    Can people view your IMs?

    Can i run out of space for e mails on my computer?

  11. brent8:18 PM

    Can computers get viruses from IMing? What system do you use to talk to people?

  12. Anonymous9:06 PM

    How can you tell if IMing with your friends is safe?

    What do you expect from the students in this project?

  13. simon7:49 AM

    Is AIM safe or not?

    Are blogs safe?

  14. Is email safe?

    What does digital citizenship mean to you?

  15. Hannah9:59 AM

    How do you know if a website is safe or not?

    Is it safe to IM?

  16. Have you ever done something unsafe?
    How do you know you can trust someone that you don't know?

  17. Why is this program so important?

    What are we going to learn about this project?

  18. 14harrietteh10:05 AM

    -How do u know if a website is safe or not?

    -Is E-mail always safe?

    by Harriette H

  19. caroline10:06 AM

    What is the best way to find if websites are safe or not?

    What inspired you to help kids understand internet citizenship?


  20. catherine10:07 AM

    - can people read everything you say in email?
    -how do you aviod vireces?

  21. Madeline J.10:08 AM

    is AIM safe?

    What websites are save?

  22. Nelson7:41 PM

    1. Is YouTube safe?
    2. Is blogging safe?