Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Making Daniel Pink Proud!

Daniel Pink would've been proud of our in-service day this past Friday! The day started out with an all school team building (faculty, administrators, staff employees) activity facilitated by Chuck Taft. After the school-wide team building we moved into mini-conference mode, with hour long morning and afternoon sessions where we were able to choose from a range of activities. Some of the activities involved heath/fitness/play (eg-volleyball, overview of the work-out facility on campus), some involved team building (cooperative games, team building idea for our school, mental health issues), and some involved curriculum connections (eg-using google earth, using web2.0 tools, drama games, small group curriculum planning, etc). We also had a fantastic lunch hosted by our parents (pictured here you'll see our awesome parents working the dish washing machine!!)

I thought it was a fantastic balance of work in play; I think everyone walked away with a positive experience and an interest in participating in more experiences like this one in the future. The USM Professional Development Committee did a fantastic job of planning this event and pulling it off. I think Daniel Pink would be very proud of the fact that we incorporated health, fitness, community and "play" throughout this day!

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