Thursday, February 07, 2008

6th Grade Conference w/Wesley Fryer!

The 6th grade students and teachers had the good fortune of speaking with Wesley Fryer today live via Ustream. Other schools in the ProTecht Digital Citizenship Project (coordinated by Scott Meech) from Maryland, Illinois and California also joined in this conversation centering around the topic of digital citizenship. After answering several questions from students over the past couple of weeks via YouTube and Voicethread, Wesley met with our students live today to have an interactive conversation about this important topic.

During the conversation Wesley was talking about how we all have access to some of the most powerful communication tools in our history. He used a great quote relating to this power and the responsibility that comes with it. The quote says something to the effect, "To those who much is given...much is expected." This is a great quote for all of us to take pause and think about when considering what it means to be a good digital citizen. Please take this opportunity to have a conversation with your child about our talk today with Mr. Fryer.

To view the recorded conversation, click the play button below. The video is also embedded at Wesley's blog where he wrote a post about the talk.

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