Sunday, February 24, 2008

Upcoming Parent Education Events

We have two interesting parent education opportunities taking place during the week of February 25th. I blogged about the "Parents as Partners" webcast earlier today in a previous post. This will be a great opportunity for parents to listen in to a conversation about participatory media tools and the classroom. Blogs, wikis, and many other tools are being used more and more in our classrooms. Join us tomorrow as we talk about effective ways that these tools are being used in the classroom.

The second exciting opportunity is taking place on Friday, February 29th at 16:00 GMT (10:00 am EST). Members of the Middle School "Web2.0" parent study group have the good fortune of being joined by Anne Reed, USM Parent, who will be speaking with us about how she uses participatory media tools in her career as an attorney. Anne's story is really quite interesting, so we're hopeful that you're able to join us at the Mequon public library this coming Friday. If you're not able to join us, we are most likely going to live broadcast the audio and video from the talk so you'll be able to watch from your office or home location. The link to the live broadcast will be posted on this blog and emailed out to parents on Thursday night. If you will be joining us in person at the Mequon Public Library this coming Friday, please be sure to RSVP by visiting the Middle School Web2.0 Parent Study Group at the link below. You may RSVP by clicking "Edit this Page" and entering your name on the page.

Blog Post Notes:
  1. Anne Reed being interviewed on the Lake Effect this past November. Be sure to click the audio player that says, "Jury Blogging."
  2. Middle School Web2.0 Parent Study Group
  3. Parents as Partners Website

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