Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Acer Aspire One in the House!

365/40 Acer Mini-Notebook Test

woot!! We just received our evaluation unit of Acer's Aspire One 8.9" ultra-mobile portable notebook computer (thank you to Acer for offering a K12 Seed program!) The unit we have has 1 GB or RAM, 160 GB hard disk, 6 cell battery, and Windows XP. This computer currently retails for $350 over at Amazon. The days of selling these small, inexpensive computers in our school stores are nearing.

Anyway, we added a few apps like Open Office, Skype, Firefox, and Chrome, connected it to our WiFi network, and added a printer to it. We then checked it out to one of our student tech assistants who will be testing it out for the last three days of this week. The goal is for her to really put it through the paces by using it in classes, study halls, at home, etc. At the end of the week she is going to either write a review or do a little podcast interview on her thoughts about this device from one student's perspective. In the next few weeks we also hope to get a few other ultra-portable notebooks in for evaluation and review...stay tuned for more...

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