Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Google Sync - Sync your Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts with your phone

I just set up my iPhone calendar and iPhone contacts to sync with my google calendar and gmail contacts. This is exactly the kind of functionality that I was looking for...I now have the ability to update my calendar and contacts on either my phone or my google account. WARNING: If you do this, be sure to backup your iPhone contacts to whatever desktop address book application you use on your computer (I use Apple's "Address Book").

This process also works with their Google Apps network, which means contacts and calendar information from your school's google network will sync in the same way. This is good to know as we're very seriously considering moving from our current email communication suite (FirstClass) to Gmail and Goolgle Apps.


  1. GAH!! my dad uses MobileMe which does the exact same thing, except not for your google account. i told him "your stupid!! $100? u can do the same thing with gmail!!"

    he was all like "u probably have to pay. u havnt tried it have u." i barely use my gmail so it doesn help me. my gmail is my spam email that i use when im filling out stuff


  2. Hey Izzy,
    Nope, it doesn't cost a dime...I have my iPhone and Gmail account configured with Google sync and it is working quite well. So if I make an update to my contacts on my iPhone, my contacts in my gmail are also updated. And it goes the other way as well.

    Thanks for leaving a comment, Izzy!