Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guest Host - Edtech Talk Brainstorm (ETBS)

Last night I twittered out a statement that I essentially have been thinking about for quite some time over the past couple of years. In my twitter post I said, "I'd like to see schools showcase wonderful learning artifacts of students in the same way that school athletic departments do." This is in no way a knock against the fine community building activities that school atheltic departments have been was more a statement of, "Why can't we showcast academics and non-athlectics like that?"

Doug Symington, the regular host of the standing Thursday night show titled, "Edtech Talk Brainstorm," sent me a message asking if I'd like to guest host the Brainstorm and discuss that point a little further. I sent Doug a message saying I'd be happy to fill in. So I did. And the recording of this 60 minutes+ ETBS is posted below. We meandered quite a bit as often happens on the brainstorm and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Thanks to Doug for joining remotely via cell phone to help get things started and thanks to Peggy George for joining me during the last half of the show. In the webcast we talked Gator Radio, the Kindle, student posting of learning artifacts, all things twitter, cheap time shifting technologies in schools, etc. Thanks to everyone who listened live...I will try to strip out a pure mp3 and get that posted over at the ETBS page at soon.

Click here to listen to the audio in a ustream flash player. Again, I'll strip out the mp3 audio and repost when I get some time.

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