Friday, March 20, 2009

Webcast: Moving to Google Mail/Google Apps for Education

This was a skype conference call that we streamed out to a ustream channel today on the topic of migrating to Google's enterprise mail system. We had a handful of other schools who have either made the decision or are pondering the decision to move toward Google for school/district mail hosting. We had a bumpy start early on in the conversation, but then things even out and I thought it ended up being a worthwhile experience.

As a side note, this enterprise collaboration/communication network is given out to K12 public/non-profit schools for free. More on Google Apps for Education here.

Thanks to all who contributed and participated!

Further resources and links:
Chat transcript from the ustream chat.

Resources passed along to us from our Google Apps Rep:
Top Ten Reasons to Switch to Google Apps/Mail
Who owns the data, security, and privacy issues...this document addresses these questions quite well. To quickly boil this one down, the school owns the data.
A six week migration strategy
Google Apps Education Edition FAQs
Other education organizations who are using Google Apps Education Edition

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