Monday, October 16, 2006

5th Grade Collaborative Wiki Project

I will be working with the entire 5th grade class during our computer skills meetings on a couple of collaborative Wiki projects. My goal here is to explore the frontiers of Wiki technology with a couple of projects in our computer skills class. We talked in class this week about how we all have a responsibility to use the wiki as a tool to effectively promote our ideas. We'll use this experience with our students and wikis to teach principles of ethical use of computer technology.

We will create two Wiki projects for starters...the first project is a computer "Tips and Tricks" Wiki. In this Wiki we'll highlight all of the cool tips and tricks that we know for working with computer hardware and software. We'll see what this collaborative Wiki becomes as we delve into this project more.

This first one is titled, "Milwaukee...from a Kid's Perspective," and may be viewed by visiting: . The project is fairly self explanatory, but our goal is to use our own background knowledge about fun/cool things to do in the city in creating a collaborative guide of sorts. This will kind of be an "" from the vanatage point of a kid. Again, we'll see what this grows and morphs into as we move along.

Later in the school year when we complete our Internet safety sessions during advising, 5th grade student will collaborate on a wiki about cyber safety topics.

Stay tuned for more information on our wiki projects!

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