Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Technology in the Middle School--what is your vision??

Given the fact that we're going to experience a fairly significant remodel in the next few years, I began thinking about what technology will look like here in the Middle School after the remodel takes place. How many labs will we have?? Will we continue to have a mobile laptop lab? Will Apple computers be used more and more in the Middle School? What will we be doing with fine arts and technology in 3-5 years? What will faculty websites in the Middle School look like? Will they come to be more interactive, or will they more or less remain the same? What about student owned computers...in a survey from last year, over 90 students indicated they own a laptop computer of recent vintage...is it possible for us in a meaningful and coherent manner to leverage these student owned computers here on campus?

What about student portfolios-it might be interesting to have each student in the Middle School maintain his/her own digital portfolio in the form of a blog. That might be kinda cool. We currently have all of our faculty members maintaining a web space-might we do the same with students??

Is there any new hardware or software that we might envision using here in the next few years??

Please respond in any manner that you'd like...whether you want to write narrative or bullet points, I really would appreciate hearing your thoughts on the future of educational technology here at USM.

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