Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October Division Meeting

Chuck gave a really cool presentation on his summer civil war travel/camp experience going through Virginia. He shared some really nice pictures from his trip and told some neat stories (eg-the grave of Jackson's arm, the guy he talked to at the baseball game about "Yankee Aggression," etc). His trip was funded by a faculty grant program here at USM...his presentation inspired me to put together a proposal to go to a summer film institute of some sort.

Trudi gave an overview of our new portal system by Whipple Hill. She gave a preview of what the system looks like during a student, parent, and faculty login. At a minimum, teachers in the MS will use the portal to post nightly homework assignments-this doesn't require any more work on the part of a teacher as they're already posting homework assignments on web pages.

A 1/2 will be set aside for each grade level to work with Whipple Hill. We'll also take examine and explore some possibilities with tools of the "New Web." Blogs, wikis, podcasts, social networks and their academic implications will be covered during this 1/2 day.

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