Tuesday, December 19, 2006

5th Grade Computer Skills-Podcast Project

Using the photos that we took earlier this semester, you and a partner will be making a brief video podcast tour of USM. You and your partner will pick 10 of your favorite photos and write a script that you'll use to narrate your podcast. Your script should be completed using "google docs." Remember, you'll need to use your newly created google account to access the file that you and your partner are working on. You'll use the "collaborate" feature in google docs-this feature allows your partner to access the file and work on it from his/her google account.

Key points to remember for this project:
  • Click here to view my podcast sample (there is also a "subscribe" button on this page that will allow you to load the podcasts on your iPod in iTunes). This is where your podcasts will be located when they are completed.
  • Use Google Docs to create your script. To access google docs, go to http://docs.google.com (don't include the www before docs).
  • Your script should include a brief description of each photo that you are your partner(s) are using in your podcast.
  • You will then write out the script that you'll be saying for each picture.
  • What program will we use to complete our podcasts? We'll use garage band, which is software that runs on the iMacs. The iMacs are located in the small film lab on the second floor of the Middle School. You'll also use garage band to create some bumper music that plays in the background of your podcast.
  • Click here for to view the script that I created for my podcast.

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