Thursday, December 07, 2006

December 5th Grade Computer Skills Update

Dear Parents-

We recently wrapped up our digital photo tours of USM. The students did an excellent job photographing the school and assembling their photos in a digital tour. Students shared their photo tours in computer skills class over the past week and a half.

We are now moving into our short unit on email. In this unit we'll discuss both the mechanics and responsible use of this technology. Students are welcome to use their home email accounts (yahoo, aol, hotmail, gmail, etc) for this unit. If students don't have a home email, I will set them up with an email account at Gaggle is a school friendly email service that contains a host of features that allow us to monitor and supervise student email. One of the unit assignments will involve sending emails to a few family members-please make sure your son/daughter knows the email addresses of at least two other adult family members.

Thank you very much!

Matt Montagne
5th Grade Computer Skills Teacher

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