Monday, December 04, 2006

Madame B-Digital Harassment Reflection

Dear 7th Grade Students:

Please write a paragraph in response to the following post regarding our conversation in advising this week on digital harassment (aka-"Cyber Bullying"). Please include a topic sentence in your paragraph and a summary/conclusion sentence at the end. Your reflection paragraph should contain a minimum of six sentences.

Over our last three meetings I hope you had the time to reflect upon on what it means to be a good digital citizen. Remember to never post private information about you, your friends or your family online. Also, be sure to tell your mom or dad if you are ever in a situation online that doesn't feel right. I enjoyed working with you all and I thank you for your participation in this blog reflection project.

Please reflect on the following post:
What can teachers, students and parents do to help put an end to digital harassment/cyber bullying? Think about your experience in adivising today and the DVD that we watched. For more information on Ryan Halligan and his story, visit the following link:


  1. I think that the one way that digital harassment can be stopped is if people can see what effect their writing is doing to other people. As they said in the movie people are not seeing what their bullying is doing and then are not affected by it. I think that parents should watch what sites their kids are on and that kids should teach their parents about what they are doing. But the best way to stop digital harassment is to teach the people who are doing this what it can cause and what state it puts people in after that happens I think that we will have stopped digital harassment and bullying.

  2. I believe that cyber bullying can be stopped. It can be stopped if people simply don't do it. Adults can educate kids about it all they want, but it won't put a complete stop to it. The best way to prevent cyber bullying is to put yourself in other people's shoes, or empathy. If you wouldn't want to repeat what you say online to a parent or teacher, then don't say it at all. For these reasons, I believe cyber bullying can be prevented.

  3. aragorn14 and gopack!97-I'm glad you both brought up the point about the role of the people actually doing the cyber bullying. I agree with you that it is key for them to stop and consider the impact of their actions on others.

    Thanks for the posts!
    ~Mr. Montagne