Monday, December 04, 2006

Senor B-Digital Harassment Reflection

Dear 7th Grade Students:

Please write a paragraph in response to the following post regarding our conversation in advising this week on digital harassment (aka-"Cyber Bullying"). Please include a topic sentence in your paragraph and a summary/conclusion sentence at the end. Your reflection paragraph should contain a minimum of six sentences.

Over our last three meetings I hope you had the time to reflect upon on what it means to be a good digital citizen. Remember to never post private information about you, your friends or your family online. Also, be sure to tell your mom or dad if you are ever in a situation online that doesn't feel right. I enjoyed working with you all and I thank you for your participation in this blog reflection project.

Please reflect on the following post:
What can teachers, students and parents do to help put an end to digital harassment/cyber bullying? Think about your experience in adivising today and the DVD that we watched. For more information on Ryan Halligan and his story, visit the following link:


  1. I think one way that teachers, students, and parents can put a end to cyber bulling in many ways. First I think you should tell some one if you think you are being harassed or called names or any thing like that. I think that teachers can some how punish students if they catch some one harassing or bulling on the interment or anywhere. Second if somebody is doing something wrong to you just forget it and don't say anything back that might cause more destation. Third I think that it is just wrong if people are calling people names that might just cause bad things. Even though you might just be kidding remember you are at a computer and the person you are talkin to can't see your face and they might think that you are not kiddin. So these are just a few ways I think that we together can put a stop on cyber bulling and on-line harassment.

  2. I think that there are a few ways in which teachers, students, and parents can prevent digital harassment. The first way is by ignoring somebody if they are not treating you kindly online. Then if the bullying gets worse, then you should inform an adult. Secondly, I think that kids that are cyber bullying should be punished in some way so that it makes them think about how they are hurting others. Lastly, I think that parents and teachers should always be aware of what is going on in cyber space. These are just a few ways of how I think digital harassment can be prevented.

  3. potatoman-nicely written reflection paragraph. Your ideas about ways to put an end to cyber bullying are excellent.

    jayhawk-I like your idea about ignoring cyber bullies for starters. Usually they will stop and go away if they don't get a reaction from the other person. Like you said, if the bullying gets worse, inform an adult of the situation.

    Nice reflections, you two!

    ~Mr. Montagne

  4. I believe that parents should be well aware of what's going on online and what their children are saying. Online, people can do anything they want to do: they can sware, call people names, and offend that persons religon or their family. Also children should set up a time to talk with parents about this subject beause if you ar a bully, you can take that time to think about how stupid it is, and if you are the one that is being bullied (the victim) you can discuss what to do about it. Believe it or not, parents can be very helpful. Finally, a word to all bullies out there, think before you say because what you say, could end up killing somebody. So even though you think you're joking, you're not. I really suggest not doing being a bully. It's not cool and it's not fun