Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earthcast08 Audio

I just wanted to do a quick post here with links to the raw audio for the Earthcast08 24 Hour Webcastathon that took place on Earth Day. To say that the event was a success would be an understatement. I've said it before and I'll say it again...this project, from start until the end, was the highlight of my school year. I have alot to say about this event and more reflection/thoughts to come later, but here are links to a few of the audio recordings from the day (I highlight the ones below only as a means to provide a simple way for our teachers at my school to quickly access a few of the recordings-ALL of the sessions throughout the day were interesting and I would encourage everyone to check them out). A special shout out goes to Jeff Lebow and the Worldbridges crew for their continuous recording of the stream and subsequent posting to the webcastacademy page.

-Jason Czarnezki, Professor of Environmental Law at Marquette Law School - "A Greener Manifest Destiny"
-Sheila Adams and her middle school students from Rye Junior HS in New Hampshire, USA
-Jason Robertshaw-Ocean Health and Conservation (Sarasota, FL)
-Kip Jacobs and the USM Middle School EAT Students-Student Voices on Earth Day
-Derrall Garrison and his science students giving their presentations on different topics related to conservation and the environment (Cupertino, CA)
-Emma and Kelly from USM talk with Doug Symington about the greening of USM-the last 20 minutes is a really neat audio clip recorded by a college professor in Regina, Canada.
-Drew Buddie, an educator from the UK, talks about sustainability in schools and even talks with a few USM 5th grade students from USM!
-Drew Buddie and his school in the UK discussing sustainability and service learning. Drew actually put me on the call to have a conversation with a few of his colleagues and with an incredibly eloquent young student, Jemma.

There were many, many more hours of interesting content. To listen to all of the audio, please click here. At some point over the next few weeks some industrious souls from the Earthcast08 team will be editing these files down into more coherent audio sections. Until then, enjoy the raw audio!

Photo Caption: Professor Jason Czarnezki, professor of environmental law from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI USA, talks to the Middle School Students at USM on Earth Day 2008 about a "Greener Manifest Destiny."


  1. Cristina Costa2:52 AM

    Thanks for the links. The session were all indeed really interesting and being part of it great FUN.
    the Keynote session was very relevant, but for me the greatest highlight of this wecastathon was definitely the students' active participation. It is just amazing to see (listen) what students from all around the world are able to offer us: their voices were heard. Through the eyes of the youth we learn. Now, we want/need more approaches like this one!
    Thank you for leading this project!

  2. Thank you for the comment, Cristina. I agree with you on the student voices. Next year I hope we can actually have students lead some of the hours by moderating the conversation. As a webcast academy intern right now I'm working with a small group of students from my school to give them some experience with the world of webcasting. We've done two webcasts now and the topics have centered mostly around current events and technology. Unfortunately they take place during the week at 9:00 Eastern time in the states, but I'm going to try to do one on a Saturday/Sunday so perhaps we can get you to join us as a guest!

    It was a privelege working on the earthcast09 project with you Cristina! You were a true asset to this amazing project!

    Cheers from Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA!