Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Google Docs Success Story!

The 5th grade students were in the iMac Studio doing some work this morning on their digital stories that they're creating from their personal narrative composition. They're basically taking their traditionally written personal narratives and boiling the pieces down so the recording in their digital story lasts about 2 minutes.

Anyway, this morning a student opened up his narrative that he wrote in google docs, but all of his text was missing. Many times the students will copy>paste from google docs into Word because they don't know how to print from google docs without the url information appearing on the header/footer of the page. In this boy's case, he did a cut>paste from google docs into Word, so his text was missing because he did a "cut." So this student was pretty bummed when he called me over to show me what was going on. We took a minute to take a look at all of the revision histories that were available to revert to, and he thought this was pretty neat. We reverted to the correct version and the student was able to continue on his way without a hitch.

The tracking of revision history is yet another reason for students and teachers to make use of this powerful word processing platform.

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