Friday, April 04, 2008

Student Scratch Project

A student that I work with in my 7th grade programming class created the following Scratch project. He is really into music and I think he enjoyed the process of putting this together. It is important to note that he did this entirely on his own and outside of our class (that is the great thing about the Scratch program-it is a free download/install and students can put it on their own personal computers quite easily).

As a side note, I'm interested in working with other teachers and schools to try to group students together to collaborate on Scratch projects/challenges with one another. I think this would be an authentic way for students to engage in collaborating across great distances on computer science coding. Let me know if you might be interested in working on such an endeavor.

Click the image below to see view and listen to the project!

Scratch Project


  1. eric2052:17 PM

    That looks pretty cool, right there. What is Scratch? It seems like an easy to use program for up and coming middle schoolers who are beginning to develop their technology "chops." Do people use this program for many things?

  2. Kuyperb2056:25 PM

    This project is amazing. As a university students taking an ed tech class i hear about how it influences students and benefits there education all the time. But it really doesn't mean anything until you actually see a time where it allowed a student to take pride in something, enjoy it, and hopefully intern become a better student because of it. We as educator are there to help the students become motivated to get their education and tech like this program sure helps us out a great deal.

  3. Scratch is a programming platform developed at MIT. It is a free download and works on Mac, Windows and I believe Linux. It is one of the BEST tools that I've ever used to expose students to the world of computer programming. The wonderful thing about the program is that it encourages students to learn by doing and playing. The scratch website is a wonderful resource, as students can create accounts and upload their projects to share with others. They can also "remix" projects submitted by other members of the scratch community.

    Thanks for the comments!