Sunday, November 12, 2006

English Period 7...7th Grade Digital Citizenship-Meeting #1 Reflection Activity

As a follow up to our meeting in advising today, I would like you to do a short little reflection activity by leaving a comment regarding the two points in bold below.

#1 Create an account at Follow the tips and suggestions for setting up your account. Your username will be your email address that you use when creating a Google account. Your display name is what is used to sing your posts and comments. It is critical that you pick a display name that is nebulous in nature and does not reveal any personal information about you. After you pick a display name, please email it to Mr. Montagne at For more tips and suggestions on setting up your account, visit Mr. Montagne's post on this subject from last week.

#2 Please write your own dictionary definition for the term, "Netiquette." The definition should be 2-3 sentences and should follow the basic format of a dictionary entry (see for an example).

For the second response activity, answer the following question.

#3 What advice would you give to a fifth grader who is starting up an IM account for the first time? Please include a topic sentence in your response with 2-3 points that support your position. Round out your response to this question with a concluding statement.

Your responses should be posted no later than 4:30 PM on Friday, November 17th.


  1. Netquette- The politness when on the computer(especially e-mailing) The etiquette practiced on the computer. The respectful manner in which you speak on the computer.

    I would reccomend that someone making and AIM account not use any personal information in their screen name or when talking to others. When they talk to others they should be polite and not disrespectful. When someone that they don't know sends them a message they should not say anything. They should sign off immedietly and wait awhile. AIM can be dangerous if you dont use it right and you dont know what to do if you get in a sticky situation. AIM is a great way to communicate because it is fast and easy.

  2. Netiquette is the proper way to act online. It is the etiquette of the internet.

    I would give many important tips to the 5th grader starting AIM. One of these tips would be to never give personal information out on the internet. Even if you know the person you are giving the information to, it is still not a good idea, because there could be a hacker or they could not be the person they say they are. Also, the 5th grader should be careful when he/she is chosing their screen name. They should make sure that it doesn't give away if it is a girl or a boy, or any other personal things. There could be a internet predator reading your screen name or your profile, and you don't want them to be able to find you or any of your friends, so you need to be safe. Also be careful what you say online to people. If it is a hurtful thing about somebody else, they could copy what you said and show the person you said it about. It caould really hurt that persons feelings. There are many other things that you need to be caustious about online. Just be sure that you are always aware that anybody could see your conversations and that you need to always be safe.

  3. Netiquette is how you should act when you are online. When you are online you should act no different then how you would in real life.

    If I were a 5th grader, which I'm not, I would make an IM name have nothing to do with me just a phrase or animal or some sort. If you reveal personal information some random person somewhere could hunt you down and meet you and do stuff to you, you may not want to happen.

  4. Netequette is how you treat others online with respect, honesty, fairness and kindness. It is the etiquette of the internet.

    If I were to give a 5th grader advise for starting an instant messenger program i would tell them many things. The first thing I would tell them is to create an account name that reveals nothing personal about yourself. The second thing i would tell them is to create a password which is made out of numbers and letters, which would be extremely difficult for a stranger to guess but still be easy enough to be memorable. The third thing I would tell them is to tell your friends to start useing your instant messenger program so you can have someone to talk to. I would advise not talking to people you don't know until you are familiar with the program. Ask your friends for advise if you have any struggles. Always remember to never tell others you don't know any of your personal information. This is the advise of which I would give to a 5th grader starting out an instant messenger program.

  5. Netiquette-The way nice and kind online. It also is a respectful way to talk to other people on the internet.

    To all 5th graders out there have fun with IM, but also be safe. IMs are a great way to relay information back and forth to your friends. If you forgot what your homework was for one class you can easily IM one of your friends and as them. It can be a very fun experience, but make sure that you don't IM so much that you start to talk in internet language. You always have to be safe when meeting poeple through the internet and then talking to them on IM. If you accidentaly give out some of your information to a person who says there 11, but are really 52 some things might go wrong. So, have fun and be safe.

  6. Netquette-proper behavour on the internet. Using physical world rules on line

    I don't really have tips for a 5th grader, I don't use IM. But they should be carful and follow the rule: DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS