Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ISACS Fall Conference Follow Up

All-in-all, this conference went quite well. I traveled down on Thursday, Nov. 2nd and made it to the Gateway City in time to join Ward and the crew for a nice dinner in town. The drive surprised me a bit in that it took me much longer than I anticipated (this is probably due more to the fact that I took the wrong turn on I-90 toward Chicago!) Next time I’ll be sure to fly!

Unfortunately I presented at the 1:30-2:45 time slot and did a repeat at the 3:00-4:15 slot. After anticipating 40 participants in the first section and 35 in the second, I was a little disappointed that only 9 showed up during the first session and 5 in the second. Even though attendance was lower than I had hoped, I thought the sessions were lively and the participants seemed to be appreciative of the offering. We had a nice talk about the pros/cons of contemporary communication technologies such as myspace, IM, blogging, etc. We moved into cyber bullying and finished with the story of Ryan Halligan. This story strikes me in an incredibly powerful way each time I see it (and I must have seen it over 10 times now).

Now I’m back at USM and ready to start discussing the topic of “Digital Citizenship” with our students during advising sessions.

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