Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wildcat Mountain Bike Club-November 2006 Turkey Chase and Scramble Mountain Bike Ride

8 hearty souls braved the chilly temps and the snow covered trails of New Fane to join us on our 6th Annual Turkey Chase and Scramble Mountain Bike Outing in the Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest this past weekend. The snow from a few nights ago provided a completely new challenge for the young Wildcat Mountain Bike Club members. While we didn't actually see or chase any wild turkeys, we did have a great time getting out to take in some of the super vistas that the Northern Kettles have to offer (and Blake spotted at least 5 hawks). After attempting to ride our bikes on the Brown Trail at New Fane, we quickly shifted into a different gear and went for a ride along the Kettle Moraine Scenic Roadway. As we were riding along the road we noticed a cool bridge over a branch of the Milwaukee river. We road our bikes over to the bridge and threw a few snowballs into the cold and fast moving waters. After this fun diversion we saddled up and stopped by the YMCA's Camp Matawa where I was a mountain bike instructor back in the late 90s. We then returned back to the New Fane parking lot and packed up the cars and headed back to USM. A special thank you goes out to teacher Brian Markwald and parent David Meisinger for giving up their day to help out on the ride. Our next ride, the "Spring Picnic Outing," will take place on a Friday after school in late May. Until then, get out and ride and ride on!

Matt Montagne
Wildcat Mountain Bike Club Advisor

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  1. Dude,

    It was a great time. Thanks for organizing it. I look forward to warmer temps and sunny weather in the spring ride.