Sunday, November 12, 2006

English Period 6...7th Grade Digital Citizenship-Meeting #1 Reflection Activity

As a follow up to our meeting in advising today, I would like you to do a short little reflection activity by leaving a comment regarding the two points in bold below.

#1 Create an account at Follow the tips and suggestions for setting up your account. Your username will be your email address that you use when creating a Google account. Your display name is what is used to sing your posts and comments. It is critical that you pick a display name that is nebulous in nature and does not reveal any personal information about you. After you pick a display name, please email it to Mr. Montagne at For more tips and suggestions on setting up your account, visit Mr. Montagne's post on this subject from last week.

#2 Please write your own dictionary definition for the term, "Netiquette." The definition should be 2-3 sentences and should follow the basic format of a dictionary entry (see for an example).

For the second response activity, answer the following question.

#3 What advice would you give to a fifth grader who is starting up an IM account for the first time? Please include a topic sentence in your response with 2-3 points that support your position. Round out your response to this question with a concluding statement.

Your responses should be posted no later than 4:30 PM on Friday, November 17th.


  1. If I were giving advice ti a 5th grader I would tell them not to tell anyone their real name, phone number, adress or anything else personal. Also to tell an adult before opening an account so that nothing could happen. Thats it!

  2. would tell a 5th grader that was making a new screen name, not to make something with their hobbies or any personal info, like where they live, how old they are, or what gender they are. They shouldn't talk to any strangers or give out anything personal, like your phone number.

  3. hi,
    netiquette- being nice online

    5th graders, dont tell people anything about you that is personal

  4. netiquette sounds like being nice online, having etiquette. Thats all!! :)

  5. If i were giving advice to a 5th grader just starting out on instant message is. That you should only have friends or relatives on your buddylist never anyone you don't know. In your screen name dont give out anything about you. Last if someone instant messages you and you do not know who they tell a parent and block them.

  6. I think netiquette means saying nice things online.