Sunday, November 12, 2006

English Period 1...7th Grade Digital Citizenship-Meeting #1 Reflection Activity

As a follow up to our meeting in advising today, I would like you to do a short little reflection activity by leaving a comment regarding the two points in bold below.

#1 Create an account at Follow the tips and suggestions for setting up your account. Your username will be your email address that you use when creating a Google account. Your display name is what is used to sing your posts and comments. It is critical that you pick a display name that is nebulous in nature and does not reveal any personal information about you. After you pick a display name, please email it to Mr. Montagne at For more tips and suggestions on setting up your account, visit Mr. Montagne's post on this subject from last week.

#2 Please write your own dictionary definition for the term, "Netiquette." The definition should be 2-3 sentences and should follow the basic format of a dictionary entry (see for an example).

For the second response activity, answer the following question.

#3 What advice would you give to a fifth grader who is starting up an IM account for the first time? Please include a topic sentence in your response with 2-3 points that support your position. Round out your response to this question with a concluding statement.

Your responses should be posted no later than 4:30 PM on Friday, November 17th.


  1. netiquette: using proper protical in internette situations.

    my advice to a 5th grader would be don't. i don't and im fine

  2. #2 Netiquette: The rules of etiquete that a person should follow when communicating over a computer network.

    #3 This is some advise for starting a Im account. Pick a screen name that does note inclued any persinal information about yourself. Also only share your screen name with you friends and people you can trust. This is some advise I have for you for starting an IM account.

  3. 1)No giving away any personal information on the internet to people you don't know.

    2) My advice to 5th grader starting up an AIM account is to make a Screen Name that does not give away any personal info about yourself. Also don't put any personal things about you in your profile. Only add people to your buddy list that you know.

  4. Anonymous4:31 PM

    #2 Netiquette is the way you should behave on the internet

    #3 Use a non-revealing screen name and only talk to people you have met in real life and your parents o.k.

  5. #2: Netiquette is the use of etiquette over the internet to keep it clean and safe for everyone in the computer society.

    #3: Some advice for a 5th grader is to make a screen name on AIM or AOL but make sure it isn't too personal.

  6. #1 Netiquette is the way you should act on the web. You should be acting and talking how you do in real life but probaly with more abeveations(sp).

    #2 What i would tell a 5th grader is to never give any personal info out. This would include what school they go to, what sports team they play on, where they live or their name aand age. Also i would tell them that they should always know who they are talking to. At their age they should only be talking to friends.

  7. Netequette: the general procedures for use when communicaing online

    i cannot comment on IMing as i have never done it.

  8. netiquette: the etiquette you use when communicating with others over the internet

    IM: use somthing taht has no personal information in it. do something random. nothing innapropriate.

  9. Netiquette (n.) Having proper manners on the web; not giving out personal information

    2. Never give out personal information about yourself

  10. 1)netiquette: Netiquette is etiquette that you should use over the internet.

    2) The advice I would give to a 5th grader is to never give or show anyone any personal information. Always know who you are talking to and to pick a screename that doesn't show any information about who you are.

  11. #1: Netiquette is the rules that people should follow by using a computer. It means that you should not give out any personal information while online.
    #2: My advice to a fith grader is to not give out any personal information while creating your account. (name, age, skin color, etc.) This can make it very easy to find out who you are.

  12. I think netiquette are the rules of etiquette except applied to the net.

  13. #2: Netiquette is etiquette except applied to the net.

    #3: Don't use your name, address, phone #, birthday, or hobbies as a username or password. If you do you could be at risk from child predators. Use things like penguin06 or something like that.