Sunday, November 12, 2006

English Period 4...7th Grade Digital Citizenship-Meeting #1 Reflection Activity

As a follow up to our meeting in advising today, I would like you to do a short little reflection activity by leaving a comment regarding the two points in bold below.

#1 Create an account at Follow the tips and suggestions for setting up your account. Your username will be your email address that you use when creating a Google account. Your display name is what is used to sing your posts and comments. It is critical that you pick a display name that is nebulous in nature and does not reveal any personal information about you. After you pick a display name, please email it to Mr. Montagne at For more tips and suggestions on setting up your account, visit Mr. Montagne's post on this subject from last week.

#2 Please write your own dictionary definition for the term, "Netiquette." The definition should be 2-3 sentences and should follow the basic format of a dictionary entry (see for an example).

For the second response activity, answer the following question.

#3 What advice would you give to a fifth grader who is starting up an IM account for the first time? Please include a topic sentence in your response with 2-3 points that support your position. Round out your response to this question with a concluding statement.

Your responses should be posted no later than 4:30 PM on Friday, November 17th.


  1. Netiquette is something that every person should use on the internet. Netiquette is etiquet on the internet. Leaving the website or space better than you found it as you would a park.

    If a fifth grader were just now setting up an AIM accound I would reccomend that they don't use any personal information about themselves, such as their birthday, year, month their age, their name exc.
    After setting up the account, I suggest that the fifth grader toggles the privacy settings. Using IM can be very fun and useful but you should also take some caution.

  2. I think that "netiquette" is a save way on the computer. I think the a netiquette, helps keep it safe on line.

  3. Netiquette is the behavioral code that everyone on the web should follow. There is no official set of rules that one can find, however, if you want more information there is allot of information that can be found using Google. Even though you are less likely to be caught, it is important to keep the web safe and polite. This job it the responsibility of all internet users.
    I wish I could help the fifth grader, however I avoid IM because of the risks involved, also it just seems (to me) like a way to spread gossip. There are probably security features that I don’t understand. The best advice I can give is to set up an account with someone who knows the program very well and can help them.

  4. Netiquette means the ettiquette you use on the internet, such as be mean or nice to people.

    If a fifth grader was setting up and AIM account for the first time i would tell them that there parents are trusting them to use it in a good way,like talking to their friends not being mean or spreading gossip. I would also tell them that they should not reveal any personal information in their username or pro such as their name or where they live. I wouls also tell them to have a buddy list so people could only talk to them if the knew them. Most of all i would tell them to be cautious.

  5. I think that netiquette means the same thing as etiquette only it applies to online communities. So it basically means be polite and courteous online.

    If I were giving advice to a fifth grader on AIM accounts I would say that you always have to be careful. You have to be careful with you screen-name and NEVER use personal info( name, age, or birthday). You also have to be careful with who you talk to, you only talk to your friends not anyone that you don't know. I also think you should be careful about your privacy on-line and never givee out personal information about you or your friends on your profile either.

  6. Netiqutte is just like etiqutte for the digital world, because as in the digital world as in the real world you need to know how to be polite. Netiquette is every thing from a good "screenname" to what you type.

    If a 5th grader were making a new instant messenger acount, i would first tell them not to make a screen name that reveals anything about themselves. They shouldn't include anything about their adress, phone number, how they look, their age, gender or where they go to school. Instant messaging can be fun and is easy to use but makesure you use proper "netiqutte" while online.

  7. Netiquette is basically being polite on the internet. you should always use netiquette when your on the internet becuause it makes the internet enjoyable for everyone.

    Having no expierience with AIM, I don't really know what to reccomend to 5th graders, but from what I have heard about it, you shouldn't give away any personal information.

  8. Netiquette is something that everyone should use. Netiquette is about your etiquette on the internet. It is reffering to your communication over the internet. Using netiquette is the right way to talk online.

    If a fifth grader was going to set up an aol instant messanger account, i would tell them a few things before they were to set it up. One thing that I would tell them would be to not reveal any of your personal information like your name, phone number, picture or even e-mail address. Displaying this stuff to the public could end up in a very bad situation for them. Also, I would tell them to talk to only the people that are on their buddy list.

  9. Netiquette means playing safe on the internet. Not giving more information then needed on chat rooms and letting parents (if you are a child) know where you are going on the web and what chat rooms you are going to. In short being and playing safe on the internet.

    If a fifth grader was just starting an AIM account I would them to not post any personal information on any sites. I would also tell them to play it safe and always tell mom and dad what chat room they are on and not go to places that they are not familiar with. When they set up accounts or anything like that to use all the privacy settings that they could and I would really stress not to write profiles that reveal any thing about them selves. The last thing I would tell them would be if a conversation get out of hand tell an adult or log out. These are some of the main pointers I would tell a fifth grader if he or she started an AIM account.

  10. I think it is another word that means safe.

  11. My advice is to not have your screen name something you like. Don't tell anybody your information that you don't know. Only talk to people you know and don't go into chat rooms.